TEAM Camden

TEAM Camden

As with any business, to be successful one must set themselves apart from the rest of the pack. At Camden Construction, Inc., it is the stated objective of the principals to consider time to be of the essence. Given the pulse of ambition that drives our daily activities, time imposes a will upon us. Where some succeed within given timeframes as others fail is due not to their ability to beat the clock, but their ability ~to work within it. Time, simply put, must be viewed as a stepping­stone and not a stumbling block.

To accomplish this, resources must be in hand and at the ready. Our Team concept draws upon readying those resources of manpower, material and money. TEAM has come to be our acronym for Time Essential Activity Management. With our project management tools, we evaluate the overall project on a daily basis. And since a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, maintaining the TEAM concept is a never-ending process.


With access to computer aided drafting capabilities, we can help coordinate your architect’s plans, or assist in the development of new construction documents. We retain the services of licensed professionals in all aspects of design architecture and engineering. Through developmental meetings, together with our design professionals, we work through your business activity flowchart to develop adjacencies and efficient floor/building plans. Together, with the Owner interactive as part of our TEAM concept, we work through project development.

With our combined experience in the industry, we can ensure a design, which not only embraces good business operation, but also is compliant with the ever-changing city, state and federal code jurisdictions.

We maintain the latest materials and finish selections in our database for fast track projects. Most of these products have immediate availability even in today’s robust market.

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